We are having a prime focus of variety of digital marketing services for our clients and customers willing to avail quality service. Since we are not too old, team of experts associated with our company forms innovative ideas for you to get maximum utilization of your purchases. The electronic media wing of Yugh creative deals with both TV as well as radio related services. Whether you are associated with Ad film making project or creating jingles of your product, our expert designers will provide full support in dealing with such activities.

Services in a nutshell

Yugh creative media concentrates on print media where you can avail the services of magazine publication, news paper advertising and other outdoor activities. Promotion of your products is services can be easily done through our graphic designing services. Customers and clients can be contacted through direct mail, letter heads, magazine spreads or can be attracted through innovative design of business cards. Getting banners, logo designing, brochures, billboards, and news paper ads is also quite easy through Yugh creative media.

We also have improved digital marketing wing where people can promote their products and services through online marketing such as SEO, SEM and SMO. Our main objective is to get your website right at the top of the popular search engine. You can get many web hosting services who might promise to provide top ranking but not all can abide with their promise. They might provide you the website without the activities like day to day maintenance service. But, at yugh, we do not only say but start doing exactly what you want in your business. Through our Social media optimization technique, your website will get continuous growth of traffic.

If you are looking for a perfect web designing along with website development, Yugh creative media will be the best option. We have variety of rates for our services and web hosting categories. We will provide exactly what you are looking at. Since small companies are not in a position to spend more on website construction, we have brought special and attractive package for them. In just limited sum, you can get customized digital marketing services for your website. If you compare the rates of our organization with that of others, it will be clearly visible that Yugh provides quality service in very attractive rate.

Effective utilization of Social media platform

Today, maximum people are inclined towards the social media such as facebook, twitter, Integra, Google+ etc. We have researched and found out the need of people visiting such social websites. Thus, attracting the mass through such social media platforms will be quite easy for our special team of experts. We understand that whenever a particular web page is shared or earns like in a particular social network, it defines the web page quality through the vote. Search engine can easily use such votes or likes in order to rank in the World Wide Web. We also put some creative stock to the social search for positive result. We can make your website rich with personalized search according to location and interest of people.



OUR Services

YCM is not restricted to one or two services; rather it runs the marketing business in the field of, digitalization, electronics as well as graphical representation. You can now get all the service under a single organization that primarily focus on digital marketing. If you have your products and services presented online, digital marketing such as web development, SEO, web design and SMO are your priority. Yugh creative media is here to provide everything at your disposal.

Electronic Media

Being a company dealing with electronic media, we provide services to each our client in accomplishing their need in television and broadcasting. You can get full support from us in the field of Ad film making, Media Planning and Media Buying. We have innovative solution to fulfill the professional demand of our clients.

YCM does not fall short of its service in the field of Radio entertainment. Our specialists are well versed in creating Jingles, Media Planning and Media Buying. All the information and data that has been created are distributed and accessed with the help of electro mechanical energy. Television and radio are the two common equipments used by people in day to day life. YCM helps in making it engaging

Print Media

News Paper Advertising

Today, people are widely focused in the web world. Rather, keeping a hard copy of any document has become outdated and space consuming. But, even then news paper advertising did not lose its magic. People are still availing products and services after reading advertisement in the news paper.


We also provide magazine printing solution to our clients. Demand of magazines has not diminished with the release of articles, reviews and stories in variety of subjects.

Outdoor (Hoardings, Unipolls)

Our team has researched and found the demand for outdoor advertisements in the form of Unipolls and hoardings. Since, this is one of the visible Medias available at the disposal; we too have schemed to provide the service in personalized way.

Graphic Designing

Literally, graphic designing is a name given to a wonderful art of communication with effective use of images, content, though process and graphics. We combine creative words, symbols and images to provide booklets, magazine spreads, logo designing, brochures, banners, letter heads, news paper ads, direct mail, packaging, posters as well as billboards. You can come to use for any type of such services.


Are you looking for a successful career in the field of digital marketing and advertising? Yugh creative media can provide you with such opportunity. We are looking for young as well as experienced people who have creative spark within themselves. Your theoretical knowledge in specific field with practical exposure will be an added advantage. We have opening in variety of positions for fresher’s with aspiring thought. Hardworking people will be well appreciated in digital marketing field. You can now submit your resume in our official email address or simply fill in your details through the online form provided in our website.

Job positions

Marketing Executives

We have openings for marketing executives in our company. You need to have experience in the field of marketing with internet and web pages as the medium. We will prefer the candidates with 2-3 years of experience in the field of brand promotion and digital marketing. You need to join as an individual and represent yourself as a team while working with our organization. Since our clients are looking out for best in various digital marketing, we are looking for talented digital marketing executives in order to expand of business. Marketing executives must also know how to increase traffic in the particular website through PPC and SEO. You must be focused on the revenue generation of the company in every step of your activities.

Graphic designer

Being a graphic designer, you need to deal with variety of activities such as:

  • Concept development, framing logo of the company, briefing the proposal style, timescale print.
  • Liaising with the external and internal resources to meet the deadline. Ensure that materials are printed to the highest quality.
  • Designing the client proposal and working with the particular style, format and timescales.
  • Reviewing the final layout and providing suggestion for improvements etc.

Art Director

Since we are having services in the field of electronic media, Art director will be of a great importance. He is responsible for providing innovative ideas of advertising campaign and other visual elements. An art director would deal with all kinds of media such as press, digital marketing, viral marketing, television, direct mail as well as posters. He also sits with the creative team alongside the copywriter to keep a balance. He needs to focus on every single activity and updates related to advertising message, client, target audience and the product.

Creative director

A creative director is a position with great responsibility towards the company or agency. He needs to guide the subordinates in marketing as well as advertisement setting. He can also approve the concept and ideas forwarded by client and make the designer to work on it. He needs to make very quick decision within a tough deadline. An art director also needs to coordinate with account executives to ascertain the budget with client needs. Members of the creative team also need to be briefed by the creative director before starting up a project. He needs to keep a track on the performance of team.


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